The Family

Ashley Faceashley

Ashley Face is a true saint and the only reason the family stays as cohesive as it does. She works at a non-profit. She is becoming a therapist. She mentors a teenager on the weekends. Ashley Face enjoys long walks on the beach, long walks in town, long walks in the woods, long walks down dirt roads, long walks, and walking.

Daddy Levi


Daddy Levi physically resembles an adult male. However, his true orientation is slightly more in line with a copper dragon, or perhaps a unicorn. He loves fantasy, goofiness, puns, his family, and tea. He does NOT like gluten, mono, cauliflower, most republicans, or cancer. All of these dislikes are based on direct life experience. 2014 was a big year…



Sassafras is fabulous. His voice resembles an overeager boy scout, and he is constantly inventing stories about his past, and about how we should feed him steak because, and I quote, “My dewclaw develops better tissue if I have tenderloin nightly.” He is also an aggressive defender of the household from just about anything from leaves to parked cars. In his defense, he maintains that ax murderers often disguise themselves as blowing leaves to gain entry undetected. Maybe he has a point, we are all still here and safe.


Z Monster


Z Monster is chronologically four years old. He is the light of our world and spends most of his time putting together puzzles, running around outside, playing with wooden blocks, playing with the dog but then getting upset that the dog won’t talk to him, not eating his dinner, getting hungry in the middle of the night because he hasn’t eaten his dinner, and waking us up with a “hurty tummy” at 5am because he is hungry because he didn’t eat his dinner. Currently he wants to be called “Monster, the KING of Egypt!!!”


And that’s our family! From A… to Z!



we also have a cat.




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