My Dad’s a Good Worker

Whew, Okay.

When I set up the AtoZFamily, I set it up as a way for me to express and share about the joys, struggles, and hilarity that me and my family experience daily.

I’ve talked about quite a bit of things since founding this blog.

I’ve talked about sicknesses.

I’ve talked about body parts.

I’ve talked about really gross accidents.

And so, when a restaurant that was an integral part of our family went through all the nasty legal troubles detailed in my previous post, I used my family’s blog as the forum to share that story.

I got an incredible response. I was overwhelmed by the reach my post made. Thousands of people have read my words, many have shared or otherwise reacted to them. Many people got angry, as well. Whatever the reaction, though, I was simply blown away by the exposure that my post had in my community.

I wrote the piece to grieve for the loss of an institution that profoundly affected my family. This blog is, after all, for exactly that – expressing what my family is going through.

So, Thank you, Red Lodge. Thank you for reading, and thank you for your words. Thank you for sharing your emotions and reactions with me, both online and in person. While we may not all agree about who was right in the legal battles of the Cafe, I think we can all agree that what happened was a tragedy in how it unfolded.

The Cafe is forever gone from my family’s life, but the community of Red Lodge is still here. And we love you!

Okay, enough heavy stuff. Lets bring back some laughter!

I want to continue my purpose on this blog – that of sharing about my family. So here we go….

My father sent me this hilarious mini-story about an interaction that Monster had with him and Grandma Tammy when he was out at their house last week:

Grandma Tammy:  “Hey Monster, let’s have you try the pedal car while Grandpa is here for lunch so he can adjust the seat if it needs it”

 Monster (Looking doubtfully at Grandpa): “Are you a good worker?”

 Grandma Tammy (answering because Grandpa is laughing too hard): “Yes, Grandpa is a good worker”

 Monster: “My dad’s a good worker.”

So there. I know you were all curious about my work ethic. Just remember, truth from the mouth’s of Monsters is infallible.



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