Monsterception (Noun) [mawn-stur-sep-shuh n]:  


Meet Willump the giant, drawn without aid by Monster. Stick and tape provided by Daddy Levi.

  • The act of a Monster drawing monsters on monstrously large pieces of paper that are hanging on a monster of an art easel.
  • Origin: While the act of Monsterception was known to originate within the minds of small children dating back as early as 120 AD; the phrase itself was only recently coined and adopted as a part of the English language in 2016.
  • Synonyms: None known within this world. Within the worlds that the monsters come from, however, there may be synonyms.
  • Antonyms: Boredom, Dullness, Unimaginative



There are days when Monster amazes me. I mean, he always amazes me, but sometimes the amazement is associated with negativity (such as my Firefighter post of last week) Today is one of those lucky days where my amazement is focused on the positive spectrum. Zeph learned how to hold a marker today like a proper young boy. Above is his first work, Willump the Giant.

I really like Willump. He is happy as a clam and non-judgmental, with a lazy eye and a comical purple tongue. He talks in a sing song tone and seems to always be up for anything. I took Willump on a parade around the house today, and all he had to say was nice things about the arrangement of furniture and paint choices.He even paid compliment to how exquisite my spice cabinet was. Willump is a stand-up giant monster stick thing who is always welcome in our home.

He’s been teaching Monster some important lessons today. We’re currently up to patience while I work on school and good eating habits during lunch. I almost feel bad using Willump’s gentle and kind teaching abilities without compensation, but when I brought up the matter to Willump he simply smiled, stuck his purple tongue out, and told me that he didn’t mind – after all, teaching is what giant monster stick things do.

Sometimes, I even get jealous of Willump’s ability to somehow explain things to Monster that I cannot. Its times like these that I need to remember that jealousy is not the right answer when your child learns wisdom from a source that isn’t you. I have to remember that wisdom is a learned behavior – and it sticks best when its sources are varied.

So, carry on, WIllump. I am now tasking you with teaching Monster how to handle big emotions when tired. If that’s too much for you (which may be the case, judging from the fact that Monster is having a tantrum on the couch right now about Sassafras having wet paws) then I’ll intervene and whisk him off to nap time. Learning wisdom is tiring work at any age, especially if you are four years old and your teacher is a monster giant stick thing.

-Daddy  Levi







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